The IUP Website: Ektron, Content Management, and Web Maintainers

Posted on 9/23/2011 10:25:50 AM

Even Web novices will find that it’s not difficult to keep your websites up to date, although learning how to work in the Ektron content management system (CMS) may seem challenging.

Here are a few basic points to help the process run smoother.

Approvers and Authors

Every college, department, or office website has one or more Web maintainers. Both approvers and authors can add, change, or delete website content, but approvers are the ones who send it on to the Web Team for final handling. You can see a full list of the current Web maintainers, in case you’re not sure who is assigned to your area.

Adding Web Maintainers

To add or remove someone as an author or approver for a website, a current site approver needs to send a request to with the person’s name, username, desired position (author or approver) and the website they’ll be working on. (Students can only be authors.)

Approving Content

When an author submits content, the website approver needs to handle it before it can be published. Just log into the Staging server, then open the Work Area. The first screen that appears is called the Smart Desktop, and the very first link in the big window is “Content Awaiting Approval.” The number in parentheses is the number of content items for that particular website that need to be dealt with. Clicking the link shows each of the items, and clicking on each item shows the content itself.

At the top of this window, you’ll see some icons. The third from the right (to the left of the black arrow) will let you view the differences between the original page and the new version.

Keep in mind that many websites are large and may encompass areas that a Web maintainer does not normally deal with. If there are several content items awaiting approval, you may need to scroll to the right and look at the Path, which will show what folder that piece of content is in. This can help you determine if you are the proper approver for that page, or if another approver for your website would be better suited.

Assuming you want to handle the content, you can approve it as is, or you can open it for editing and then submit it, or you can decline it and ask the author for edits and to resubmit the page.

Getting Notified

Be aware that if an author submits something for approval, but no approver acts upon it, the page will be stuck in limbo and the website will not be updated. Either the author needs to let the approver know whenever any content is submitted, or the approver can be automatically notified by e-mail.

If you would like to be notified by e-mail when content has been submitted for your approval, or if content you submitted has been approved or declined by the Web Team, it’s easy to enable System Notification E-mail.

Going “Live”

Once Web approvers approve or submit content, it goes to the Web Team for publication. The Web Team reviews (and edits, if needed) each piece of content to make sure it follows the University Style Guide, and will either publish the content, or decline it with an explanation—something may not make sense, or links may not work right, or for other reasons.

In general, however, content that is submitted by 2:00 p.m. will be published and live on the website by the following morning. Content submitted after that time is usually published as well, depending on other Web Team duties.

See all the Web Team’s blog posts specifically for Web maintainers, or visit the How-to section for more information and help.