Message from the Provost: Update on Academic Affairs Workforce Plan: October 7, 2011

Posted on 10/6/2011 2:06:05 PM

This update is the first of several periodic messages intended to keep the university community aware of the progress and actions related to the faculty workforce plan.

The workforce plan was developed following a comprehensive review of the university’s 260 academic programs. The proposal in the original plan, presented to the APSCUF leadership in June, was to eliminate sixty-two programs, tracks, and concentrations.

In August, a timeline for the process was developed. Key dates in that timeline include:

  • Sept. 23: Deadline for the College Curriculum Committees to receive and review department responses.
  • Oct. 14: Targeted date for the report to be given to UWUCC and copied to the individual college deans.
  • Mid-October to November: Deans prepare a summary recommendation for each program and forward all materials to the Office of the Provost and the Council of Deans for review and discussion.
  • November: Recommendations given to the University-wide Undergraduate Curriculum Committee/Graduate Studies Committee.

It is my hope that these recommendations can be completed and finalized by the University-wide Undergraduate Curriculum Committee/Graduate Studies Committee in November in order that the recommendations can be given to the University Senate for discussion and consultation in December.

This is an ambitious timeline, and I am pleased to report that progress is being made. Discussions of the initial plan have resulted in two programs being removed from the recommendations for elimination or moratorium: Dance and Track in Fiber Arts Studio, both in the College of Fine Arts. APSCUF leadership was informed of this action in September.

As of Sept. 29, all but one of the department responses to the proposed program eliminations has been received by the college curriculum committees.

We all realize that this is a very difficult process, and I continue to appreciate the diligent effort and thoughtful discussions that are taking place in order to move forward with our planning.

As I noted in my June communication, as we move forward with this process and as decisions are made, we will meet our pledge of ensuring that students are given every reasonable opportunity to complete their academic plans.

I also will work to maintain transparency in this discussion, with the understanding that planning is an ongoing, iterative process that is subject to refinement and recalibration as the environment changes.

My June communication regarding the workforce plan is available on the Academic Affairs website under Initiatives.