Get Your News in IUP Daily or the Beak

Posted on 10/10/2011 1:48:09 PM

IUP Daily is the e-mail newsletter for all IUP employees, and the Beak is the e-mail newsletter for all IUP students. Each is sent every weekday morning (the Beak is only sent when classes are in session), contains helpful information, and is a great way to reach their respective audiences. Great. But, how do you get your news into them?

Easy. If you can get your news on the IUP site, you can get it submitted for inclusion in IUP Daily or the Beak. This is because the news in each newsletter is drawn from the news feeds on the site, posted by the departments across campus.

IUP Daily

News items for the News, For Employees, and Faculty and Staff Stars sections come from the news feeds of individual websites on You have a few options to get these news items into IUP Daily. If you are a web maintainer, you can post your news yourself in the CMS. You can ask your unit’s web maintainer to post it for you (see a list of unit web maintainers to find your department’s maintainers). Or you can post it yourself using the Suggest a News Item for This Page option on your unit’s News page. You’ll need your IUP username and password.

If you’ve done this, and your news did not appear in IUP Daily, there are some common reasons. Learn more about why your news may not have appeared when you thought it would.

The Beak

Students can submit their news to the Beak using the Beak submission form. Those submissions are processed by the Center for Student Life. Faculty and staff can submit their news for the Beak by posting them in their site’s News section, following the same steps as for IUP Daily posts. If the post is pertinent to students, it will get picked up. Please note that items submitted to the Beak student submission form by an employee will not be posted. Employees should post news in your department’s News section for inclusion in the Beak.

Learn more about the Beak and how to subscribe.


Identify Your Audience

Be clear who your intended audience is. If it is an event, be specific about who can and cannot attend. Decisions about which posts go in which newsletter are determined by what is stated in the post. Even more importantly, it will be clearer to your readers. Learn more about writing an effective news post.

Create Your News Item When You Want It Published

A news post is dated on the day you create it, not when it is published. This impacts how much coverage your news will get. For example, if you create your news post at the beginning of the month, then submit it at the end of the month, it will be the same as if you had published it at the beginning of the month.

If you need to write your news post early, do so in a text document. Then, when you are ready for it to be published, create your news in the CMS and submit it.

Don’t Edit Old News Items

Since the CMS goes by the creation date, not the published date, your updated news post will still be seen as an old news post. Always create a new post. Read more about ”Keeping the New in News.“

See all the Web Team’s blog posts specifically for Web maintainers, or visit the How-to section for more information and help.