Rodríguez Invited to Serve on Editorial Boards in Brazil

Posted on 4/10/2011 11:29:00 AM

Subsequently to her article on the meaning of life being published, Dr. Lydia Rodríguez, Department of Spanish, was invited to serve on two international journal editorial boards and one international literary organization that publishes academic books in Brazil.

Under the auspice of the University of San Pablo (Brazil) in conjunction with other European universities (Spain, Portugal, and Germany), the literary organization CEMOrOc was created. CEMOrOc houses various literary journals and also publishes a few academic books.

The director, Dr. Jean Lauand, well known in the literary field of medieval studies and twentieth-century Latin American literature, invited Dr. Rodríguez to form part of two editorial boards of two international literary journals that CEMOrOc currently directs: Revista Internacional d’Humanitats and Notandum: Revista Semestral Internacional de Estudios Académicos.

In addition to these two editorial boards, Dr. Lauand invited Dr. Rodríguez to serve on a third editorial board for CEMOrOc, the Conselho Editorial dos livros do CEMOrOc. This editorial board reviews academic manuscripts for forthcoming publications.