Make the Most of Your News Section

Posted on 1/26/2008 3:24:25 PM

The following post is meant for those who are serving as authors of our new website, but anyone on campus who is accustomed to using the old Campus Bulletins page will be interested in seeing this information and then staying in touch with a department web author.


As Elaine and I are working our way through the queue of submissions, we're finding that many of you aren't using the blogging feature to post your news. Don't miss out on this very powerful tool.

If you take advantage of it, your news can easily be repurposed. Most of you know that when you use the blog tool, your news is fed to your news page, and a link is subsequently posted in the news box of your homepage.

But, what you might not realize is that same post is relayed to the Web Team. For the time being, we'll manually take appropriate news and use it on the Inside IUP page. Later, as we continue to develop our system, we'll look for ways to make sure your news is posted automatically.

This is an easy and a great way to publicize department-specific dates, special lectures, student activities, visiting artists, and more.

In your News folder, you'll see an icon (it reminds me of two dice) accompanied by the words Department-name News. Access it, then use the New menu and choose Post.

As always, write or call with questions.