What Web Approvers Need to Know

Posted on 11/11/2011 9:47:44 AM

If you are an approver for your department’s IUP website, that comes with some responsibility. If you are new to being an approver, or you’ve been an approver and never really knew what that entailed, here is what you need to know.

What an Approver Can Do

As an approver, you can create new content, edit existing content, and approve submitted content. As an approver, you do not have to “approve” the content changes that you make. When you submit your content, it goes directly to the Web Team, even if there are multiple approvers for your site.

However, as an approver you do have to approve content changes submitted by authors for your site. A little background on workflow will help explain why approvers are so important in this process.


Workflow is the checks and balances in place on the IUP site to ensure content is as accurate as possible. There are necessary steps in place to keep content moving along the chain. Learn more about workflow and how content is approved. This is the basic process:

  • When an author submits content, it is submitted to an approver for their site.
  • An approver will then review that content and either edit, approve, or decline the changes. When the approver submits content, it is submitted it to the Web Team for review and publication.
    • At this point, only approvers for the site can access the content that was submitted. The Web Team cannot approve content until the approver either approves or declines it.
    • TIP: To quickly see what was changed on a submission, click once on the content and then select the “View Diff” icon at the top of the CMS workarea to see the differences. The best practice for approvers is to look at the submission on the actual website in Preview mode, especially if extensive changes were made, to be sure the page still looks as it should.
  • The Web Team then reviews the content, either editing, approving, or declining the changes. When the Web Team approves content, it is considered published, and will appear on the live site the following day.

As you can see, content submitted by authors has to go through an approver before it will ever be published. This is important to keep in mind when you are working with time-sensitive items, like news posts or timely pages.

Adding Web Maintainers

Only an approver can request that another person be added as an author or approver to their website. To do so, send an e-mail request to web-team@iup.edu with the person’s name, username, website, and status requested (author or approver). Note that students can only be authors. Remember that content submitted by approvers is sent directly to the Web Team for publishing without further review by anyone in your area, so keep this in mind when assigning site approvers.

How Do I Know If There Is Content to Approve?

It is good to get in the habit of checking your approver queue, which you can access on the Smart Desktop of the CMS workarea. There is a How-To document that provides detailed information on this. Basically, the CMS will give you a list of content submitted by authors for your site, which you have to review and approve or decline.

TIP: You can also have e-mail notifications sent to you when content is submitted. Depending on how frequent submissions for your site are, you may find this helpful.

What Else?

For more information about approving content, workflow, and getting content published, visit the Web Team’s How To section. Or, if you have specific questions, contact us at web-team@iup.edu.

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