Anthropology Graduate Student Callista Holmes Awarded Sigma Xi Grant for Research

Posted on 12/19/2011 10:47:27 AM

Callista Holmes, a master's degree student in the Applied Archaeology Program, was awarded a Sigma Xi Grant-in-Aid of Research for her research on the application of marine magnetometry to shipwreck identification.

Her research goal is to construct a theoretical model for the magnetic anomalies produced by shipwrecks of specific periods and sizes based on the amounts of iron that were used in their construction.

Holmes will compare her model to magnetic data generated by archaeological shipwrecks of known age and size. Her research will contribute to our understanding of marine magnetometry in maritime archaeology and may provide a valuable method for shipwreck identification.

Sigma Xi is a multidisciplinary research society that supports scientific achievement through the society's programs. The Sigma Xi GIAR program promotes student work covering a range of studies in the sciences.