I’m a New Web Maintainer: What Do I Do?

Posted on 1/9/2012 10:38:46 AM

If your new year includes the new responsibility of becoming a Web content maintainer, fear not. With some training and a little practice, you’ll be a confident maintainer in no time.

The first and most helpful thing to do is register for a training session. The Web Team offers basic and intermediate sessions each month, and between these two sessions, you’ll learn enough to make the majority of the content updates asked of you.

What You’ll Learn in Training

In the New Basics, we cover just that: the basics of Web content creation. We begin by explaining what the IUP content management system (CMS) is, how it works, and where and how to log in. You’ll learn where to find your content, how to make changes to it, and how to get it published. We also cover how and where to post news and events, two vital parts of the site.

In Intermediate training, we build on what you learned in the previous session, which is why we require you take the Basics session. We cover creating new content and sections, uploading PDFs, resizing and uploading images, menus and navigation, and more.

We also offer News and Event Promotion, where we go in-depth on how to effectively use the site to promote your events. You’ll learn how to make and use a central hub page and how to drive traffic to it using news posts, calendar posts, social media, and more.

If You’d Like More Help

Check out the large section of How To documents available on the Web Team’s site. Another benefit of training, in addition to learning how to do something, is learning the jargon to know what to call it. (Example: “I need to announce this” would really be “I need to make a news post.”)

When in doubt, contact us—that’s what we’re here for. E-mail us at web-team@iup.edu, or call extension 3062.

What Else You Need to Know

To work on your site, you will need added as a Web maintainer. This is separate from registering for training. An approver for the website you will be working on should e-mail web-team@iup.edu with:

  • The name of the site
  • Your name and username
  • If you are to be an author or approver

See the list of Web maintainers to find the approvers for your site.

Some other posts you may find helpful:

See all the Web Team’s blog posts specifically for Web maintainers, or visit the How-to section for more information and help.