History 195 Replaced by Three New Classes

Posted on 3/27/2012 10:40:33 AM

In the new Liberal Studies curriculum starting in Fall 2012, “History 195: History of the Modern Era” will be replaced by three new classes.

Students will be able to meet their LS History requirement by taking one of the following:

  • History 196: Explorations in U.S. History
  • History 197: Explorations in European History
  • History 198: Explorations in Global History

These classes are designed to explore a variety of topics, and the topics will vary by semester. For example, this Fall the classes will include “Greece and Rome,” “The Middle Ages,” “Empires and Colonies, 1492 to the Present,” “A Spotlight on Revolutionary Europe and Colonialism,” “Europe from 1799 to the Present,” “Modern Europe, A Tale of Two Revolutions,” “The 20th Century World,” and “The West and the World.”

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