Anthropology Faculty and Students Recognized During Research Week Programs

Posted on 4/7/2012 6:53:35 PM

On April 2, 2012, Beverly Chiarulli, Department of Anthropology, was recognized during the 18th annual Research Awards Lunch as the recipient of the Sponsored Programs Award for Public Service. Undergraduate student Matthew Finley received an Outstanding Presentation Award from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Graduate students Ryan Splitter, Ryan Clark, Michael Whitehead, and Justin Daley received a first place award and Meghan Pace received a third place award, also from the College of Humanities, for for their poster presentations.

The Undergraduate Scholars Forum was held on April 3 and included presentations, poster presentations, and juried art exhibits. The Graduate Scholars Form on April 4 only included poster sessions. A total of 17 Anthropology students participated in the forums, including 12 undergraduates and five graduate students.

Chiarulli also participated in the Faculty Staff Poster Session with two posters. The first, “Geophysical Investigations of the Squirrel Hill Site and Other Late Prehistoric Villages,” described a current research project funded by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. The second, co-authored with Scott Moore of the History Department, was “Using NSF Funding to Support Mobile Spatial Data Acquisition and Processing Technologies for Research and Student Training,” which described student and faculty research using geophysical instruments funded by a National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation Award, which concluded in 2011.

Anthropology students participating in the forums included:

Undergraduate Student Awards

Outstanding Presentation Award College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Matthew W. Finley for his presentation on “Hazing and Warrior Societies: Personal Experiences of U.S. Army Hazing” (Advisor: Todd White)

Graduate Student Awards

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Michael Whitehead, Ryan Spittler, Justin Daley, and Ryan Clark: Anthropology M.A. students recognized for poster presentation

First Place: Ryan Spittler, Ryan Clark, Michael Whitehead, and Justin Daley (Advisor: Beverly Chiarulli)
“Geophysical Survey Results at Old Smicksburg Park, Indiana County, Pennsylvania”
Photo: Michael Whitehead, Ryan Spittler, Justin Daley, and Ryan Clark

Meghan Pace at Graduate Scholars Research Forum

Third Place: Meghan Pace (advisor: Beverly Chiarulli)
“How Many Graves are in Memorial Park? Using Geophysical and Historic Data to Search for 'Lost' Graves”
Photo: Meghan Pace

Undergraduate Student Presentations and Posters

Session: “The Magic of Ritual (or, There is No Such Thing as a Muggle)” (Session organized by Todd White)

Speaker: Rachel Scherer (Advisor: Todd White)
“Santería: The Ritual of Initiation”

Speaker: Carly Ryther (Advisor: Todd White)
“Islamic Funeral: Ceremony and Practices”

Speaker: Shane Myers (Advisor: Todd White)
“My Experience with the Tibetan Buddist Mandala at IUP”

Speaker: Rebecca Godshall (Advisor: Todd White)
“Thirty Days to a Better Man: A Surrogate Coming of Age Ritual in the Art of Manliness Community”

Speaker: Matthew Finley (Advisor: Todd White)
“Hazing and Warrior Societies: Personal Experiences of the US Army Hazing”

Speaker: Michelle Dufford (Advisor: Victor Garcia)
“Sifting Behaviors: An Exploratory Study on How We Meet People and Make Friends”

Speaker: Michele Troutman (Advisor: Beverly Chiarulli)
Presentation: “Lithic Analysis: The Raw Materials Present in the Lithic Artifacts of the Johnston Site (36In2)”
Michele Troutman
Michele Troutman

Laura Ellyson (Advisor: Sarah Neusius)
Poster: “Investigation of Polished Bone at the Johnston Site”
Laura Ellyson
Laura Ellyson

Michael Deemer (Advisor: Beverly Chiarulli)
Poster: “Thermal Alteration of Johnston Site Lithic Materials”
Michael Deemer
Michael Deemer

Brandon Foster, Emily Poeppel (Advisor: Beverly Chiarulli)
Poster: “Magnetic Susceptibility at the Mary Rinn Site”
Brandon and Emily at the Undergraduate Scholars Forum
Brandon Foster and Emily Poeppel

Juried Art Exhibitors

Chelsea McDonnell
Oil on canvas