Halchak Presents on Developing Sustainable Initiatives

Posted on 4/23/2012 10:03:35 AM

Jessica Halchak, (IUP assistant director: Study Abroad, Administration and Leadership Studies graduate student), co-presented, with fellow ALS graduate student Patrick Mulvihill (Point Park University), “Understanding Collaboration to Develop Sustainable Initiatives” at the Terra Dotta annual conference, April 18–20 in Charlotte, N.C.

The presentation discussed issues regarding on the challenges of developing sustainable initiatives and the reoccurring uncertainties related to the relevant sources of information and content identified throughout a project life-cycle. More specifically, this presentation discussed intellectual property rights, process ownership, and anticipating the needs of the end user.

IUP’s Office of International Education: Study Abroad has been using the software since 2011. Terra Dotta specializes in Web-based enrollment, mobility, and risk management software and databases for offices of any size. Terra Dotta’s flagship product, StudioAbroad, was specifically designed to meet the needs of study abroad offices.

Terra Dotta software enables offices to manage a central database through an entirely Web-based interface. Office processes and data are managed digitally, making information easy to query, sort, and report. With Terra Dotta, software management of an institution’s public Web pages can also accept online applications/registrations and monitor user progress throughout the application life cycle. Risk management capabilities are an integral aspect of each product, providing the ability to locate, alert, and communicate with travelers wherever they are in the world.