“¿Qué Tal Indiana?” (“What’s Up Indiana?”), IUP’s First Bilingual TV Show, Is Co-Produced by Rodríguez and Leidman

Posted on 5/3/2012 2:00:03 PM

Professor Lydia Rodríguez, Department of Foreign Languages, and Professor Mary Beth Leidman, Department of Communications Media, teamed up as executive producers with the production crew of Chris Barber, David Lind, and Jay Start from Communications Media, to produce the first IUP bilingual TV show.

¿Qué Tal Indiana? ("What's Up, Indiana?") covers culture, people, and a variety of topics that everyone can relate to, while engaging, informing, educating, and entertaining the IUP campus and the surrounding community. The show employs a variation of language usage from Spanish and English to Spanglish. The language variation is dependent on the guests’ fluency in either Spanish or English and their preference in speaking.

The show features Rodriguez as the host and consists of a series of guests with expertise in a field. The guests are interviewed to inform and educate, or they carry on a discussion about a particular topic. Some topics are provocative and others are general entertainment.

When asked about the show, Rodríguez said, “I’m just having fun.”

“I think the show is great!” Start said. “It’s new and it’s different.”

Guests so far have been Caleb Finegan, Francisco Alarcón, and Lourdes (Cuqui) Moretti.