Stamp’s “Nagrobek” to Premiere in Minnesota

Posted on 5/9/2012 10:13:40 AM

Jack Stamp’s most recent band composition, “Nagrobek,” will receive its premiere at St. Michaels High School in Minnesota on Monday, May 14, 2012. Conducting the premiere will be Adam Sroka (M.A. ’06), who commissioned the work from Stamp.

“Nagrobek” is Polish for “epitaph.” Sroka’s father immigrated from Poland to America. He passed away during the Thanksgiving holiday in the fall of 2010. The work was originally going to be in his memory, but, in February 2011, Stamp’s father also passed away, so the work is in memory of both Sroka and Stamp’s fathers. Material used in the piece include a polish folksong, Chopin’s e-minor piano prelude, and the Marine’s Hymn (Stamp’s father was a WWII veteran and a member of the First Marine Division that invaded Guadalcanal).

In addition, the St. Michaels bands will be performing two other compositions by Stamp, “DownEast Fanfare” and “Miniature Overture.”

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