New to Northpointe, Bachelor’s in Management

Posted on 8/16/2012 2:41:47 PM

IUP at Northpointe students are now able to work with the Management Department to develop an individualized plan to complete the bachelor’s degree in Management through a combination of in-class and online delivery of coursework.

All required major courses for General Management are offered online during the Fall, Spring, Summer, or Winter sessions. Other degree requirements (Liberal Studies classes) for the major are offered through a combination of traditional face-to-face instruction on the Northpointe campus and online courses. In order to complete all degree-required courses, enrollment in some online summer/winter courses may be necessary. Throughout the program, students will be able to receive local support on the Northpointe campus to achieve academic success through services such as math tutoring, writing center guidance, library assistance, technology support, etc.

The IUP at Northpointe Regional Campus is for commuter students only who are on a Monday through Thursday schedule with no Friday classes. Located immediately off of Route 28, at Exit 18 in Freeport, Pa., the state-of-the-art campus is designed to educate students of all ages.

Students interested in the program should contact Kristen O’Hara at 724-294-3311 or to schedule an appointment to learn more about the program.