Easily Add Social Media Icons to your Department Website with New Smart Form

Posted on 9/24/2012 1:20:53 PM

Many department web maintainers have asked the Web Team to add social media icons and links to their websites. To assist in that process the Web Team has created a simple-to-use smart form.

Our Libraries are the first to update to the new Social Media Callout Box. Take a look at the Libraries home page to see a working example.

The smart form has a bunch of advantages over creating these kinds of callouts by hand:

  • It’s fast to set up and update.
  • It includes icons for Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and YouTube. You can choose one or up to all four networks in your callout box, which will also include you department’s name in the phrase “Connect with [your department’s name] on Social Media.”
  • It keeps IUP in compliance with branding requirements from the social media networks.
  • It performs better for visitors as there is only one set of social media icons to download for the whole site.
  • It allows us to track how much outbound social media traffic the whole site is generating.
  • It has the icons set up so that including them will not raise your home page’s bounce rate.

Plus, every callout includes a link to IUP’s main social media page, so we encourage visitors to connect to IUP in more than one way.

Get the Social Media Callout Box on Your Site

We will be updating all of our existing social media icons to use the new form. If you’d like to update as soon as possible, e-mail web-team@iup.edu to request the new callout be added. Be sure to include the folder(s) in the CMS you want it added to, and that this is for the new Social Media Callout Box smart form.

Once you are notified that the smart form has been added, follow the Social Media Callout Box: Create and Add to a Page how-to for step-by-step instructions for creating and adding this to your department site.

See an Example

For an example of the new Social Media Callout Box in action, take a look at the Libraries home page.