Reminder: Food Refreshment Requests

Posted on 11/27/2012 1:55:59 PM

The Office of Financial Operations asks that you remember the following when submitting your Food/Refreshment Requests:

Please remember to use the e-mail address that is indicated at the top the Food/Refreshment Request form. Submitting your requests to this e-mail rather than an individual’s e-mail, i.e., Ruth Houser or Chris Patterson, will ensure that your request is processed in a timely manner. We prefer that your requests are submitted via e-mail, but will accept requests via fax (724-357-3026) or delivery to B25 Clark Hall.

As noted on the Food Refreshment Request form, requests are to be submitted two weeks in advance of your event. Please submit your requests for catering as soon as you receive your quote from Crimson Catering. Submitting your request at the last minute may cause a delay in receiving your catering services. Additionally, Crimson Catering will not provide catering services without receiving a properly completed and approved FRR form and will cancel your services if the approved FRR form is not received prior to the start of your event.

Requests for Meal Tickets should also be submitted within two weeks of the event. Also remember, when planning an event in the Oak Room, you must contact Crimson Catering at 724-357-5709 to reserve a space for your group to ensure a room is available.

Please contact Ruth Houser or Chris Patterson if you have any questions.