Chiarulli Publishes Article on Belizean Stone Tools in Journal “Lithic Technology”

Posted on 12/8/2012 10:54:20 PM

Professor Beverly Chiarulli, Department of Anthropology, has published an article titled "Producers, Conmsumers, and Traders: Lithic Industries at Cerros and Chau Hiix, Belize" in the fall 2012 issue of the journal Lithic Technology. Anthropology alumna Erica Ausel also has an article in the issue, presenting research she completed for her honors thesis at IUP.

Beverly Chiarulli in Belize

Chiarulli also served as the guest editor of the issue, which consisted of five articles on the analysis of stone tools used by the Pre-Columbian Maya in Belize. The article compared the types ot tools and manufacturing processes found at two Maya cities in Northern Belize that were part of trade network that moved tools from manufacturing sites to consumer communities.

Erica Ausel

Anthropology alumna Erica Ausel, now a graduate student at the University of Indiana at Bloomington, also has an article in the issue. In "Lithic Analysis of Chau Hiix, Belize: Raw Material Consumption and Artifact Types," Ausel presents research she completed for her honors thesis at IUP.

Stone Axe from Belize