Poole Designated Appalachian Regional Commission Teaching Fellow for Research on Local Sustainability Issues

Posted on 12/11/2012 12:25:56 PM

Amanda Poole of the Anthropology Department was designated a teaching fellow by the Appalachian Regional Commission for her work on sustainable development in Indiana County.

Students in Poole’s ANTH 420 Cultural Ecology class worked with and interviewed local and state organizations dealing with issues of sustainability in Indiana County. This community-based research project builds on the work done in the Anthropology Department on the social impacts of Marcellus Shale development, addressing questions about quality of life and connection to place that have begun in our area with the beginning of this industry. These student projects resulted in qualitative interviews, survey data, and a video that can be used to inform the long-term goals and strategic planning of these organizations as they grapple with attaining economic, social, and ecological sustainability for our region.

Read the news article in the Indiana Gazette.