Information for 1098T Forms

Posted on 12/17/2012 11:46:13 AM

Starting with the 2012 tax year, the 1098T forms will no longer be available through URSA.

ECSI Corporation will be processing the 1098T tax forms for 2012. Students will have the option to receive their tax forms either electronically or by mail. Please watch your IUP e-mail for the electronic consent information that ESCI is requesting through the Bursar’s Office. The e-mail will provide you with a link and step-by-step instructions for signing up to receive your statement electronically.

The IRS deadline for mailing of the IRS tax form 1098T is January 31. Students who opt to have their forms delivered electronically will have access to the forms earlier than those sent by the traditional mailing process.

All 1098T forms processed prior to 2012 tax year will still be available through URSA.