Ünlü to Continue Doctoral Research at MARTI

Posted on 2/13/2013 2:34:56 PM

Onur Ünlü, a visiting scholar from Turkey and a doctoral student at Erciyes University, is being hosted by the IUP Department of Sociology in conjunction with the Mid-Atlantic Addiction Research and Training Institute (MARTI).

From September 2012 until September 2013, Ünlü will serve as a visiting scholar at IUP, developing his dissertation with the assistance of Alex Heckert, the associate director of MARTI and a renowned international expert on the concept of positive deviance. Ünlü will be examining Heckert’s published journal articles and other literature on positive deviance and will be meeting with him throughout the year to discuss his dissertation progress.

Ünlü has previously published research on a variety of subjects, including strategic planning, organizational behavior, entrepreneurship, and the impact of human resources practices. This published research has appeared in a variety of Turkish academic journals and has been presented at various international conferences, including the 2012 International Academy of Management and Business Conference.

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