Anthropology Grad Student Research Featured on Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Office Website

Posted on 3/4/2013 11:59:03 AM

Former IUP Anthropology graduate student Angela Jaillet-Wentling’s M.A. thesis research was recently featured on the Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Office (PHPO) website. Angela’s thesis, published on the site aon February 27, 2013, focused on the antebellum freed African American settlement at Pandenarium.

Unearthing the Forgotten Past at Pandenarium, Site 36ME0253” is part of the PHPO blog Pennsylvania Historic Preservation. In the post, Angela details her research at the site and how it relates to larger issues of slavery and manumission before the American Civil War.

Pandenarium was established in 1854 by the family of Charles Everett as a home for his former slaves. Everett, a Virginia plantation owner, manumitted his slaves upon his death and made provisions for them to settle in the North. Mercer County, Pennsylvania, was chosen as the site for Pandenarium because of the region’s support of abolition. While the town of Pandenarium was eventually abandoned, many of the inhabitants’ descendants still live in the area.

Angela’s research focused on identifying where the original families lived within the town-site and recovering artifacts that illustrate life within the town.