Goodbye Viewmaster, Hello Carousel!

Posted on 3/7/2013 10:18:27 AM

There’s a new way to display your favorite photos on the home page of your department or office website. The Web Team has rolled out an updated version of the carousel slideshow that replaces the viewmaster.

Why get rid of the viewmaster?

  • It’s large and pushes all other content, no matter how important, down the page and possibly off the viewer’s monitor.
  • Preparing photos to fit in the viewmaster template is complicated and requires creating thumbnails in addition to regular-size images.
  • The viewmaster uses Flash technology, which is not supported by many mobile devices, rendering the slideshow nonviewable. Fully 26 percent of visitors to our website do not have Flash enabled—meaning one in four can’t see your viewmaster.

The carousel beats the viewmaster on all counts.

  • The height of the photos is up to you (although the dimensions of all photos in a carousel must be identical).
  • No thumbnails! Just size and crop the images.
  • Carousels are viewable on any mobile device.

Carousels can also be placed on any webpage, not just the home page. They can span the full width of the page, or just a half-page, or even a quarter-page. Here are some examples:

So how do you replace the viewmaster with a carousel? We have a new How to Use Carousels section—check it out!

Don’t forget, you can also create photo galleries on your website. Here’s what you need to know about creating photo galleries.

Sample photo gallery