SHRM Students Tour American Eagle Outfitters in Pittsburgh

Posted on 4/11/2013 7:32:27 PM

American Eagle TourThe Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) had the exciting networking opportunity to visit American Eagle Outfitters, a popular clothing store, and talk with the company’s successful professionals in Pittsburgh on April 5, 2013. 

During the tour, students were directed by the lead receptionist, Amanda Camut, who showed them both facilities in Pittsburgh called “Hot Metal 77” and “Hot Metal 19.” Camut explained what the departments in each facility do to keep the company running efficiently.

The students also learned that Robert Hanson, the new CEO of American Eagle Outfitters, has a “customer first” policy that helped bring about positive changes and atmosphere within the company.

After the tour, students had a Q&A session with Jenn McNutt, manager of the planning and allocations recruiting team; Brennon Cole, HR director; Jaime Simoni, associate marketing manager; and Jackie Daniel, associate buyer. 

The professionals described their day to day responsibilities and how they worked their way through different positions.

“They all spoke of team work and how being proactive in school helped to benefit them after school,” said Shelly Raines, president of SHRM.

Students in SHRM benefitted from this opportunity that gave them an inside look on how a successful business operates and how to further themselves in their careers. 

“Overall, the tour was great. We look forward to working with them again,” Raines said.

—By Katlyn Glaser