Promotion of Chinese, Japanese, Critical Languages, and Asian Studies

Posted on 4/23/2013 7:13:36 AM

A promotion table will be set up near the center of Oak Grove this week through Thursday, April 25, from 10:00 a.m.–3:30 p.m. to promote Chinese, Japanese, Critical Languages (Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Russian, and Swahili), and Asian Studies.

Please feel free to stop by for any question on these programs, including contents of these courses, foreign language requirement, any linguistic issues such as language and cognition, Study Abroad, the culture study tour to Japan and Korea, jobs in Asia, etc. Check us out on Facebook!

We are also offering Summer Intensive Korean, which is also open to the community:

CRLG 109 Korean I

  • Intersession (May 20–June 4)
  • MTWRF 10:00–11:50; 1:00–2:50

CRLG 159 Korean II

  • Summer Session I (June 5–19)
  • MTWRF 10:00–11:50; 1:00–2:50

These are not in URSA yet, but will be posted soon.

This course will also include K-POP (Gangnam Style), K-DRAMA, K-MOVIE, etc.

Six credits of language requirements can be done with only four weeks!

Department of Foreign Languages