Anthropology Department Recognizes 25 Undergraduates in May Graduation

Posted on 5/21/2013 10:17:06 PM

During the departmental graduation ceremony on May 18, 2013, faculty members from the IUP Anthropology Department recognized undergraduate students graduating in the December 2012, May 2013, and August 2013 semesters. In addition, three of the undergraduates were recognized as the class valedictorian, the recipient of the Olin-Fahle Award for excellence in Anthropology, and the recipient of CALSA-MARTI Recognition.

The ceremony was held in the HUB and was well attended by family and friends of the graduates. Faculty members participating in the ceremony included Francis Allard, Beverly Chiarulli, Benjamin Ford, Victor Garcia, Anastasia Hudgins, Phillip Neusius, Sarah Neusius, and Amanda Poole. The program started with a welcome by Phillip Neusius, chair, and the faculty address by Chiarulli. Michele Troutman gave the valiedictorian’s address. Garcia recognized Alyssa Ortega for her service to CALSA–MARTI. Robin Matty received the Olin-Fahle Award for Excellence in Anthropology. This award is named for the late Anya Olin-Fahle, first anthropologist in the combined Anthropology Sociology Department.

Graduates Included:

Matthew D. Allen†, Claire E. Ardis, Alexander L.W. Dettwyler, Laura J. Ellyson‡, Sara E. Endy†, Matthew W. Finley, Nicole M. Gusmerotti, Katherine E. Fox†§, Devin S. Hogan, Gabrielle R. Lehigh‡§H, Stephen Luciano§, Robin M. Matty‡§H, Amanda N. McCarthy, Chelsea McDonnell†§, Kelly A. Muthler‡§, Stuart C. Bateh, Shane C. Myers§, Emily E. Poeppel , Carly L. Ryther§, Christine E. Schlosser, Nicole K. Stephens, Michele L Troutman‡§H, Bryana G. Urban†§, Laura A. Walchack*

(Symbols next to the names indicate grade average)

*cum laude 3.25 — 3.49

†magna cum laude 3.50 — 3.74

‡summa cum laude 3.75 — 4.00

H — honors

Lambda Alpha

§National Collegiate Honors Society for Anthropology

Department of Anthropology