Ektron Upgrade, Staging Outage, Scheduled for July 13

Posted on 6/19/2013 10:34:01 AM

A major upgrade to Ektron, the content management software that runs our main website, is scheduled for Saturday, July 13.

As part of the upgrade process, our staging server (the server that web maintainers use to make updates) will be locked down starting at 2:00 p.m. on Friday, July 12. This means that web maintainers will be unable to make any updates to their websites from that time until the upgrade is complete on Monday morning.

Our production website will be up and running throughout the upgrade process, so there will be no downtime for visitors to our website.

Changes You’ll See

/uploadedImages/New-Ektron-Workarea.pngThis upgrade should be invisible to those who visit the website.

Web maintainers, however, will see changes to the Ektron workarea, in how they edit content, and to calendar events. (Click on the picture at the right for a sample.)

To help web maintainers adapt to these changes, the Web Team will offer training and assistance in a variety of formats:

  • A one-hour Web Maintainers’ Summit will be held on July 10 at 11:00 a.m. in Beard Auditorium in Stouffer Hall. This summit will provide an overview of the changes for web maintainers and a walkthrough showing how to complete common tasks.
  • Our training sessions will be updated to cover the new interface. However, our training sessions will be on hold until the upgrade is completed, as we want new web maintainers to start with the new interface.
  • An additional short training, “The New Ektron: What You Need to Know” will be offered regularly once the upgrade is complete
  • The Web Team’s “How-to” documentation will be updated to reflect the new interface.

Why We Need to Upgrade

We recognize that changes like this aren’t easy for our web maintainers, and we don’t make them lightly. This upgrade is necessary for the following reasons:

  • New, faster hardware: Our website currently runs on 6-year-old servers. Replacement parts are difficult to obtain. The new hardware is faster and is required to run a more current operating system.
  • Security: Ektron will soon cease issuing security patches for the version we are currently running. The new version will allow us to keep our data secure.
  • New features: The new version provides a variety of new features that we will start making use of over the next year. Perhaps the most important are features that will make it easier for us to provide our content in formats that work better on mobile devices. However, we will also benefit from updates to the news and events features within Ektron.
  • A foundation for our next-generation website: As part of the Strategic Website Assistance Project project, we are designing several new templates for our academic content. We need to build these on the latest version of Ektron to avoid rework later.


Do you have questions about the upgrade? Send them to web-team@iup.edu. We’ll collect the questions and answers in an upcoming post.