Ektron Upgrade Complete: Aloha!

Posted on 7/12/2013 10:21:09 AM

As promised, the Ektron content management system (CMS) was upgraded over the past weekend. Web maintainers will notice the change as soon as they open the Workarea.

With a successful update to the online calendar, we have switched to Aloha as the new Ektron editor, replacing Content Designer.

The How To section of the Web Team’s website continues to be updated to include the new look and functions of Ektron.

Here are some quick tips to help make the transition a bit easier:

Smart Desktop

  • When the Smart Desktop is first opened, the Content, Library, Settings, and other tabs are located horizontally at the top of the window instead of vertically at the lower left.

Buttons and Icons

  • Instead of an Edit icon, look for an Edit button.
  • If you need to back out of editing a content item, so that none of your changes take effect, look for the Undo Checkout button (just to the right of the big Submit button). Do not click the little arrow to the left of the Submit button—this is the Cancel button. Although it will close the editing window, the content item will remain checked out to you. Clicking Undo Checkout will check the content back in so other approved editors can work with it.

    Use Undo Checkout, not Cancel.
  • New: The Preview icon, located just to the right of the Save icon (which you should never use—always Check In or Submit). Clicking the Preview icon will open a new window to let you see the content as it would appear on the website. This option lets you observe actual changes to Web content without needing to first check the content back in.

Formatting Text

  • Clicking in the text area of an edit window will bring up the formatting toolbar. It has three tabs at the top:
    • Format: Bold, italic, bulleted and numbered lists, hyperlink, super- and sub-script, plus headings
      (remember to never use Heading 1)
    • Library iconInsert: Quicklinks (via the blue Library icon), tables, hyperlinks, and bookmarks
    • Review: View source (code), plus the Inspector


  • Inspector iconThe Inspector is mainly accessed via the Open Viewer icon (the little arrow in the black box) at the upper right of the editing window. The Inspector lets you view and modify style information about your content. Here is where you can add different styles, such as Introduction, plus set alignment of images and view other information.


  • Calendar iconThe Calendar is now only accessed from within Ektron. Every Events folder has a new special subfolder (image at right), named the same as the department or office. Clicking on this reveals the calendar.
    • New events are added by clicking the New button at top.
    • Existing events are now content items, viewed by scrolling down underneath the calendar. To edit an event, click it once and then choose the Edit button, or click the small arrow to the right of the event title and choose Edit from the popout menu.
    • All events must be assigned at least one event type or calendar, accessed by clicking the Taxonomy tab.
    • Calendar events now go through workflow, and so must be Submitted in order to be published.

The How To section of the Web Team site is being updated to discuss the changes. If you are unable to find an answer to your question, or if you need help in general with editing your website, contact the Web Team at 724-357-3062 or web-team@iup.edu.