Web Maintainers: Required Updates to Your Sites

Posted on 9/4/2013 4:28:02 PM

There are two kinds of updates that web maintainers need to make over the next week. All references to URSA must change to MyIUP, and the University Testing Center has new contact information.


All references to URSA on the IUP website will need to be updated to reference MyIUP instead.

Web maintainers will need to review their websites and update all content that mentions URSA, changing it to reference MyIUP. Any links leading to MyIUP should be hyperlinks to https://my.iup.edu/

URSA isn’t going away, so it’s not a disaster if this is not completed this week. However, most sites have many webpages, so please start planning now to review your website soon.

University Testing Center

The University Testing Center is now incorporated into Adult and Continuing Education. Please update any references to the University Testing Center (UTC) on your website with its new contact information.  

107 Pratt Hall
Phone: 724-357-4994
E-mail: university-testing@iup.edu

The center is where all computer-based ETS and Pearson exams are administered, including but not limited to Praxis, PAPA, PECT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, CLEP, and MAT.