Web Maintainer Tips: Quicklinks, Aliases, and E-mail

Posted on 9/12/2013 2:24:15 PM

The Web Team thanks all of IUP’s site maintainers for their patience as we work through the bumpier-than-expected Ektron upgrade. Here are a few things to watch out for when editing in the CMS.

Quicklinks Don't Use Aliases

If, when making a quicklink, you are given the option of choosing a manual alias (such as /web/default.aspx), be sure to never click on the alias. Always choose the other option, which looks like this:


Choosing the alias (also known as a “friendly URL”) results in a regular hyperlink, not a quicklink. The only way to successfully make a quicklink is to choose the /WorkArea option.

Choose the /WorkArea option when inserting a Quicklink.

As a reminder, never type nor copy and paste an IUP web address. Always make a quicklink using the library icon (library icon).

E-mail Addresses Are Not Automatic

Just typing an e-mail address will not format it as a link. Here are the steps to make the e-mail link active:

  1. While in edit mode, select the e-mail address text that will become the hyperlink.
    • Remember, e-mail address links must always be fully revealed, such as web-team@iup.edu.
  2. Click the Insert Link icon (Insert Link icon) on the toolbar. The link toolbar will appear (see below). Link toolbar
  3. Change "http://" to "mailto:" (without the quote marks, but with the colon—see below). Link toolbar with e-mail protocol
  4. Type or paste the e-mail address directly after mailto: Do not leave a space between the two.
  5. Click away from the toolbar, and the e-mail link will now be in place.