Anthropology’s Day of the Dead T-Shirt Competition

Posted on 9/16/2013 4:45:30 PM

The Anthropology Club is looking for submissions of eye-catching, original art work to emblazon across the Day of the Dead t-shirts its members will be selling on campus. The winning designer will earn a free t-shirt!

Please draw up your own creative submission and send it to us either by e-mailing it to, or by posting it on our Facebook page. Entries should use no more than three colors in order to keep printing costs down (and single-color designs will be prioritized).

The deadline is midnight on Sunday, September 22. T-shirt entries will be put to a vote during the following Anthropology Club meeting. The winning entrant will be contacted.

Profits will go toward paying for the club’s Day of the Dead events on November 1 and 2.