Archaeologist Chiarulli, Smeltzer, and Durante Participate in Ellis School Archaeology Program

Posted on 9/29/2013 12:59:53 PM

For the past 17 years, Beverly Chiarulli of the IUP Anthropology Department has assisted Ellen Bedell of the Ellis School in Pittsburgh with an annual simulated archaeological excavation and experimental archaeology program. This year, Chiarulli was assisted by graduate students Marion Smeltzer and Mark Durante.

Bev Chiarulli and Ellen Bedell of the Ellis School
Beverly Chiarulli (l) and Ellen Bedell with one of the student pendents

The program is designed for ninth grade students as part of their World History class and provides students with a hands-on approach to the study of ancient cultures. Chiarulli, Smeltzer, and Durante showed the students how flintknappers made stone tools, used stone drills to make pendants, and used plant fibers to make cordage. The students also then had the opportunity to try each of these activities. Both Smeltzer and Durante are graduate students in the Anthropology Department M.A. in Applied Archaeology. Smeltzer is also the public outreach coordinator for IUP Archaeological Services. The Ellis School is an independent K-12 all girls school in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Ellis School Student Pendant
An Ellis student created this pendant during the Experimental Archaeology program​

Mark Durante and Marion Smeltzer
Mark Durante (l) and Marion Smeltzer at Archaeology Day at the Ellis School

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