Prezzano, Clarion University, Discusses Excavations at the Millstone Site

Posted on 10/3/2013 8:55:16 AM

Susan Prezzano of Clarion University presented her research at the Millstone Site to the Anthropology Department Graduate Colloquium on October 2, 2013.

Over the past four years, Prezzano, assisted by Clarion University students and local high school students, has excavated the Millstone Site along the Clarion River in Elk County. This site includes the remains of a mid-19th-century timber town, a Middle Woodland (ca. AD 300) settlement, and a Middle Archaic (ca. 4500 BC) fishing camp. The fishing camp was the star of the excavation; it included a pile of net weights laying where they had been left millennia earlier, as well as fire pits and work areas. 

Susan Prezzano speaking to the Anthropology Department Graduate ColloquiumPrezzano's talk also offered useful suggestions for excavating in deeply buried riverbank deposits and integrating the local community into archaeological research.

Photo: Susan Prezzano speaking to the Anthropology Department Graduate Colloquium

Prezzano is a member of the Anthropology, Geography, and Earth Sciences departments at Clarion University.

The Anthropology Department Graduate Colloquium is a student-run group that organizes talks and events throughout the academic year. The purpose of this group is to foster discussion about applied archaeology, and archaeology in general, and to broaden the experience of students in the Applied Archaeology M.A. Program