Theater Alumna on “American Horror Story”

Posted on 11/2/2013 4:10:17 PM

Check out the episode of American Horror Story on Wednesday, November 6, and you’ll see IUP Theater alumna Jennifer Lynn Warren doing her own stunts as the character Borquita LaLaurie.

Jennifer Lynn WarrenWhen majoring in Theater at IUP, Jennifer took stage combat and minored in Dance, which she credits as contributions to her career success as an actress who does her own stunts.

Says Warren, “Michael Hood’s class prepared me for more than I could have imagined in the world of professional acting. Since graduating, I have developed fights for the IW Marks theater in Houston, worked as a combatant at the Texas Renaissance festival, worked as a stunt woman in the film Blood is Blood, collaborated on skits with the stunt coordinator of The Tonight Show, and currently work as a cast member of the dance and martial art troupe Kung Fu Femmes. Being a member of the S.A.F.D. has opened doors of opportunity that very few other B.A. undergraduate universities could offer.”

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