Ford Publishes Anthropological Study of Ship Reuse

Posted on 12/4/2013 11:51:27 AM

Ben Ford recently published an article titled “The Reuse of Vessels as Harbor Structures: A Cross-Cultural Comparison” in the Journal of Maritime Archaeology.

The article analyzes how ships and boats have been reused as port and harbor structures since antiquity. It places the reuse of ships within the larger context of harbor structures as a form of vernacular architecture. Fundamental to this analysis is the observation that vessels were not reused in all ports or during all periods; consequently, by examining where, when, and how vessels were reused, it is possible to understand some of the environmental, social, and economic factors that led to vessel reuse.

This article was published as part of an invited volume of the Journal of Maritime Archaeology focusing on social archaeological approaches in port and harbor studies.

Journal of Maritime Archaeology is an international journal that addresses all aspects of maritime archaeology, both terrestrial and underwater. It encompasses theory and practice relating to landscape, structure, sites, and issues of heritage management.

A copy of Ford’s article can be downloaded from the journal webpage.

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