Everyone Is Moving. Are You Linking to the Right Place?

Posted on 2/14/2008 3:28:42 PM

I received a message today from the IT Support Center that reminded me about making this post. As we’ve combed through submitted content, we’ve noticed many authors are pointing to locations on our old website. Sometimes it’s necessary to do so, and sometimes it’s not.

When it is necessary, please remember to link to http://old.www.iup.edu/nameofsite/. If you send your audience to http://www.iup.edu/, the audience will come upon a broken link. Why the reference to old? Simply, our new web is now www.iup.edu.

But, please make sure it’s necessary before you do this. In several cases, we’ve found links to the Financial Aid Office site, for example, that have taken users to the old site. Yet, Financial Aid is up and running on the new system. Check in the library first and use a quicklink. That way, you know you’ll get your audiences to the right place.

Now, about that message from the IT Support Center. I’ve pasted below what it said. As you can see, there are many changes around here—not just how we build our web. Please note that we now have a one-stop shop for all kinds of tech support. As you create your content, please refer people to the IT Support Center (found via quicklink in the library under Units, I) for technical support of any kind.

Keep submitting, and don’t forget to preview before you submit!


As you are editing/approving content, please keep an eye out for
references to technology departments that no longer exist.
These are:

  • Student Help Desk
  • Student Technology Services
  • Academic Help Desk
  • Academic Technology Services
  • Administrative Help Desk
  • IDC (Instructional Design Center)
  • student-helpdesk@iup.edu
  • academic-helpdesk@iup.edu
  • admin-helpdesk@iup.edu

In all cases, these references should be changed to:

IT Support Center
Suites on Grant Lower, Suite G-35