New Downloadable Supplemental Payment Request Form to Replace Paper CECI Contract Form

Posted on 1/16/2014 3:51:16 PM

The form and procedure used to request payment for short-term services performed by IUP and non-IUP employees (such as a guest speaker, consultant, or Continuing Ed instructor) are being changed to improve compliance with Board of Governors’ policies, compliance with governmental employment regulations, and budgetary control over expenditures.

Effective immediately, please discontinue the use of the five-copy Continuing Education, Centers and Institutes Contract Approval Form (“CECI Contract”) and begin using the Supplemental Payment Request Form to initiate your next contract for such service.

The new form, which may be completed electronically and may be signed digitally or printed and signed, is available via the Payroll Services’ website. Also available through this page are specific preparation and routing instructions; just click on the Supplemental Pay and Instructions link.

Please note the following specific procedural items:

  • The Supplemental Payment Request Form must be prepared and approved BEFORE the service or work is started. After-the-fact requests will not be processed, and the person performing the service will not be paid as the service will be considered unauthorized. During the Spring 2014 semester, this requirement will be suspended as a grace period while faculty/staff become accustomed to the requirement.
  • At least 10 business days prior to the proposed start date, new employees (and former employees who have not worked for IUP in the past 12 months) must submit the I-9, W4, Residency Certification form, and Background Investigation Consent form to Human Resources.
  • Within 10 business days of the completion of work, the Supplemental Payment Request Form must be fully signed by the supervisor/program director and returned to Payroll Services to initiate payment.

For additional assistance in completing or processing the Supplement Payment Request Form, please contact Tammy Hamilton at 724-357-7975 or