Now Retired, McMaster ’72, M’74 Continues Mentoring Young Students in STEM Subjects

Posted on 2/3/2014 2:26:29 PM

IUP at Northpointe Hall of Distinction recipient Rick McMaster ’72, M’74 has retired after 33 years with IBM, but he’s not resting on his corporate laurels.

Rick pioneered an after-retirement path for IBM and other industry professionals who want to continue in service by creating an emeritus role through the International Society of Service Innovation Professionals, ISSIP. He continues to be active in the American Society for Engineering Education, ASEE, and the National Science Teachers Association, NSTA, as well as ISSIP. His monthly column for MIT STEM Pals also continues and he is finally finding time to blog on his STEM and more website.

The City of Austin has proclaimed February 13, 2014, as Rick McMaster Day in recognition of his two decades of STEM outreach in the community. Rick continues educating young students under the pseudonym Dr. Kold every chance he gets, and mentors fifth grade students monthly at Lake Pointe Elementary school. He started a monthly program, Science Thursday, at the Bullock Texas State History Museum. School groups tour the exhibits, see short science demos, and engage in quick hands-on activities. Teachers can also request a more involved activity for their students. Most students are in fourth grade, which is when Texas history is introduced to the curriculum.  

He is also the science adviser to Zachary Scott Theater’ Sciencetricks, which uses circus skills and physical comedy to teach about different kinds of energy, including mechanical, heat, electrical, and sound.

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