Lauber Publishes On How Leaders Can Encourage the “Pursuit of Happiness”

Posted on 2/19/2014 12:25:57 PM

An article by Erick Lauber (Journalism) titled “How to Pursue the Pursuit of Happiness” has recently been published in the magazine Positively ADHD Today. This magazine serves as a resource for people with ADHD and related conditions and for those who have loved ones with these conditions.

As a Journalism faculty member, Lauber publishes frequently in magazines and journals on leadership and on personal growth and development. Before becoming a Journalism faculty member, he was an applied psychologist faculty member at the University of Georgia and owner of a training/consulting company. His PhD is in applied psychology from the University of Michigan.

As a research associate with the Mid-Atlantic Addiction Research and Training Institute, he has conducted leadership training workshops for a broad range of nonprofit and for-profit organizations in Pittsburgh, as well as developed a student leadership academy at IUP.

Lauber is currently faculty advisor for the Leadership Development Living and Learning community at IUP.