Content Deletion Now Enabled

Posted on 2/15/2008 4:44:16 PM

Content deletion has been enabled for all of our users.

Trash Can IconHow it works: all deletions pass through workflow as would any other change. When you click the trash can, the status for that content will change to “M.” Then your regular workflow will take effect. If you are an author, your approver will need to make the first approval, then the Web Team. If you are an approver, your deletion request goes straight to the Web Team. The item will disappear from the Workarea as soon as the deletion is approved.

Two important notes about deletions:

  1. When you delete something, the Web Team will assume you know what you are doing. Unless the content item is a piece of your original starter site, we will be approving deletions with little or no review.
  2. When something is deleted from Ektron, there is no undo. If you think you might need something later, consider just removing it from your menu, or expiring that content. The Web Team can help you with either option.