Need an Online Form? Here’s What to Do

Posted on 2/28/2014 3:00:58 PM

One of the easiest ways for website visitors to submit information is by using an online form.

Making forms is also easy for you—because we do the hard part. As forms can quickly go wrong if they aren’t built exactly right, the Web Team prefers to build them so we can test for any problems before publishing. Plus, we want to make certain that the forms are accessible for those with vision impairment.

To request a new online form, or to update an existing form, please submit an ihelp ticket. When requesting forms, please include:

  • The e-mail list the form should send to:
  • Where in the CMS the form should be created. Please specify the department or office site, plus the CMS folder.
  • When it is needed by. Be sure to submit your request early to allow adequate time for development and revisions.
  • The contents of the form:
    • Include all introductory text and the title of the form.
    • Write out the sections and possible answers (if applicable), and note which sections are required, what kind of answers are needed for each (text, numbers, phone number, etc.), and if a checkbox, radio button, or dropdown menu, etc. is needed.
    • If the form already exists as another document, such as a PDF, please attach that to the ihelp ticket before submitting it.
    • And let us know what the post back (reply) message should say.