Please Submit Travel Expense Vouchers ASAP

Posted on 3/3/2014 11:11:31 AM

If you have traveled for the university and have not submitted your Travel Expense Voucher to the Travel Office, please send your completed and approved voucher to Carol Ramer at B6 Clark Hall as soon as possible. 

As we get closer to the June 30 fiscal year end, the Travel Office becomes flooded with expense vouchers, many of which are for travel occurring months earlier. This flood of vouchers significantly increases the time you may wait for your reimbursement, plus requires the Travel Office staff to work overtime in an effort to keep up with the volume of vouchers. By submitting your voucher earlier, you may receive your reimbursement faster and help to even out the workload in the Travel Office, requiring less overtime. 

Thank you for your help in better serving your travel reimbursement needs.