Hudgins’ Lesson on Dude Featured in First Episode of “In Class at IUP”

Posted on 3/24/2014 3:08:04 PM

When the Office of Communications and Marketing began developing the new YouTube series “In Class at IUP,” the Department of Anthropology felt like the perfect fit for the first episode.

A three-person film crew from IUP Video Services captured Anastasia Hudgins’ ANTH 233 class last month. Other than pausing for a second to allow the boom microphone operator to get into place, the entire class was captured live. In the above video, Hudgins discusses why she chose the lesson.

Project producer Emily Smith approached Hudgins about participating in the series and quickly knew Hudgins was going to “hit this one out of the park.” 

“I felt her energy and passion for teaching instantly, and knew that our student audience would connect with her—and when she suggested we capture the lesson on ‘dude,’ I saw the stars align,” said Smith. 

Anastasia Hudgins teachingAs a way to encourage her students to think more critically about language, Hudgins became inspired by an article by University of Pittsburgh professor Scott Kiesling called “Dude.” Who uses the term? Is the use referential or non-referential? Does use vary by gender or race?

Students had been assigned in a previous class to record 10 utterances of “dude.” Their findings were captured on film in this episode. Discussion was upbeat and lively and very insightful. Watch the full class episode on YouTube

Student reactions to the classAfter the class, four students were interviewed on camera and shared their thoughts on Hudgins, the class, and why they thought everyone should take an Anthropology course.

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