Slower Load Time in Workarea

Posted on 2/19/2008 9:17:09 AM

Website maintainers may notice some small changes in the Workarea: a slower initial load time for the content folders and a slightly different appearance of the folders.

The slower load time should occur only when first selecting the “Content” tab on the lower left side of the Workarea and when adding new folders. After the folders have loaded, navigation through the Workarea should be as fast or faster. You may also notice that the folders and the type size of the associated titles are slightly larger.

These differences, though small, are the result of a temporary fix for web maintainers who were not able to expand certain folders in the Workarea. Any maintainers who experienced that problem should now check those folders to see if they are working.

As always, if you experience any problems working in the content management system—including logging in, editing existing content, etc.—please contact the Web Team by e-mail at or by phone (Elaine Smith, 724-357-7580; Mike Powers, 724-357-3868; Regan Houser, 724-357-5587).