Applied Archaeology MA Students Sweep Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology Meetings

Posted on 4/8/2014 1:30:49 PM

Graduate students in the Anthropology Department Applied Archaeology program were awarded the top four honors for poster presentations at the recent 85 annual meeting of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology in Greensburg, Pa., April 5–6, 2014.

Posters at the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology (SPA) meetings are scored based on the clarity of the poster as well as the quality of an oral presentation presented to a panel of five judges.

Timothy Carn won first place for his poster “A Study of the Material Culture Remains of Inter-Cultural Interaction at Fort Shirley.”

Kate Adam came in second with her poster “A Study of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Cemeteries, and Mortuary Art: Preliminary Results.”

Kate Craig was awarded third place for her poster “The Mary Rinn Site Rediscovered: An Analysis of Features and the Use of Space at a Late Woodland Site.”

Ashley Taylor, Mark Durante, Katie Turner, and Stephanie Showalter won fourth place for their poster “Geophysical Investigations at the Johnston Site (36IN002).”

IUP graduate and undergraduate students also performed well in the Primitive Games. The Primitive Games are a fun portion of the meeting where participants can engage in activities that would have been useful in the early days of Pennsylvania. Connor McClain came in first in the atlatl (spear-thrower) competition, and Amanda Snyder won the axe throwing competition. Other students also placed in events such as fire starting, and the spear and hoop game.

IUP faculty were also involved in the conference. Ben Ford presented a paper entitled “Preliminary Analysis of the Hanna’s Town Collection and How it Can Help Present the Site to the Public.” Sarah Neusius is the president of SPA.

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