Anthropology Students Make Excellent Showing in IUP Scholars Forums

Posted on 4/10/2014 1:05:30 PM

Twenty Anthropology graduate and undergraduate students participated in the Undergraduate and Graduate Scholars Forums, bringing home four prizes.

Within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Conner McClain won the Best Poster Award during the Undergraduate Scholars Forum for his poster “Preliminary Analysis of Ground Stone Tools from the Johnston Site.” The next day, Daniel Sandrowicz placed second in the CHSS portion of the Graduate Scholars Forum with his poster “Spatial Improvement Analysis for the Dirt and Gravel Roads in the Little Mahoning Watershed.” Carrie Aitkins and John Osborn won the ECO Award for their poster “Digital Ethnography for Sustainable Development in Indiana, PA.” Michelle Cole was recognized for taking the best selfie.

 Many other students presented excellent papers and posters.

Undergraduate Scholars Forum:

Oral Presentations:

  • Lisa McCann – “Applying Anthropology to Create a Public Blog”
  • Elizabeth P Reynolds – “Double Eyelids and Egg-Shaped Faces: Using the Language of Korean Women to Better Understand the Standards of Female Beauty”

Poster Presentations:

  • Amanda Balough – “Temporal Indicators in the Ceramic Assemblage from the Johnston Site”
  • Chloë S Stevens – “Geophysical Perspective of Hanna's Town”
  • Taralyn E Federoff – “Inigi Kayap: Stewardship, Knowledge, and the Environment”
  • Samantha A Conklin – “Mounds for and By Whom?: A Ceramic Assemblage Analysis of Mounds A and F at Angel Mounds”

Graduate Scholars Forum

Poster Presentations:

  • Timothy A Carn – “Beads in the Builder’s Trench: Native American political agency during the French and Indian war as expressed through material culture remains”
  • Mark V Durante, Matthew D Howryla, Stephanie Showalter, Ashley D Taylor, Katie M Turner – “Geophysical Investigations Meters Deep: Examination of the Johnston Site (36IN002), Indiana County, Pennsylvania”
  • Katharine J Craig, Katherine Adam, Daniel R Sandrowicz, Michelle H Cole, Galen K Smith – “Geophysical Investigations of the Walter L. Main Circus Train Accident in Tyrone, Pennsylvania”
  • Amanda J Rasmussen – “Pennsylvania Highway Archeological Survey Team: A Partnership Between PennDOT and Indiana University of Pennsylvania”
  • Matthew D Howryla – “Pennsylvania’s shift from the Pleistocene to the Holocene: Using GIS models to examine cultural continuity between Paleoindian and Early Archaic peoples”
  • Mark V Durante – “Upper Chest Creek Restoration Initiative”
  • Ashley D Taylor – “Lost Graves at the Hanna’s Town Cemetery, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania”

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