Can’t Read Your URL? Get an Alias!

Posted on 4/15/2014 2:27:41 PM

Many web addresses of IUP webpages contain a string of text and numbers. But when reading the web address in print, it’s easier to use an alias, or “friendly” URL.

For example, instead of giving potential students the link “” to get to the Admissions page, the alias “” was created. It’s easy to read and easy to remember, and it takes potential students to the same page as the Ektron-created URL.

If your webpage is going to be advertised in print, the page should have an alias. The Web Team will create one for you and apply it to the webpage. Just file an ihelp ticket to request the alias. We’ll consult with you to find an alias that works for your needs. After it’s assigned, you can use the alias in print and it will lead visitors right to your page.

Because each alias has to be created and maintained by hand by the Web Team, aliases cannot be generated for every page on your site. We restrict these to main pages and pages whose URLs need to appear in print.

As a reminder, aliases should not be used when making quicklinks.

Here are some best practices for marketing your website: