Archaeologist to Collaborate on Deep-Sea Shipwreck Investigation: Watch Live on Wednesday

Posted on 4/15/2014 3:21:10 PM

Ben Ford, Anthropology, will participate via telepresence in a NOAA expedition to investigate three shipwrecks in the Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday, April 16. The expedition will be streamed live through the NOAA Okeanos Explorer website.  

If you wish to follow the investigations in real-time, video, audio, and additional information will be streaming through the Okeanos Explorer website. Ford will be participating through voice communication and updates to the project event log.

The project is part of a larger National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) project to explore the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The Okeanos Explorer cruise will last until May 1, 2014, and will explore cultural, natural, and geologic sites in the Gulf. The entire cruise will be streamed live. The live streaming allows the general public to see the discoveries firsthand. It also allows NOAA to tap a large body of experts without the logistics of placing them on a ship. Different experts will contribute from shore throughout the expedition.

Ford’s contribution will be to investigations of the Monterey shipwrecks, which lie in approximately 4,250 feet of water. These wrecks appear to be early 19th-century ships, but this will be the first intensive investigation of these sites. Ford has previous experience with deep-water shipwrecks of this period in the Gulf of Mexico as a result of his work on the Mardi Gras shipwreck.

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