Twenty-Three IUP Archaeologists Participate in Society for American Archaeology Conference

Posted on 5/2/2014 12:25:24 PM

IUP Anthropology was well-represented at the recent 79th annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology in Austin, Texas, with faculty and staff presenting papers and posters, participating in the CRM Expo, and competing in the Ethics Bowl.  

IUP was a force throughout the conference, which was attended by nearly 5,000 archaeologists from throughout the globe. The Ethics Bowl Team (Matt Howryla, Cory Palek, Casey Campetti, Mark Durante, Lauren Johnson, Cher Gilligan, and Nichole Keener) made a good showing in the eleventh annual SAA Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl. Phil Neusius chaired the Fund Raising Committee, and Sarah Neusius chaired the Task Force on Employment Services (Campetti served on this committee). The Applied Archaeology MA program hosted a booth during the CRM Expo to recruit students and network with applied practitioners.

Additionally, IUP representatives presented 14 posters and papers summarizing much of the department’s current research.

Faculty Presentations:

  • Preliminary Analysis of the Hanna’s Town Legacy Collection: Life in an 18th Century Pennsylvania Town. Ben Ford, Timothy Carn, Renate Beyer, and Casey Campetti.
  • A Quarter Century of Training Undergraduate Archaeologists at IUP. Sarah Neusius, Philip Neusius, Beverly Chiarulli, and Ben Ford.
  • Meeting the Needs of a Modern Archaeology Workforce. Invited session: CRM Next-Gen: The Training and Future of Young CRM Archaeologists. Philip Neusius, Ben Ford, Sarah Neusius, and Beverly Chiarulli.

Student Presentations:

  • Foodways in Colonial Western Pennsylvania: An Analysis of Faunal Remains From Hanna’s Town. Stefanie Smith
  • Lost Graves at Hanna’s Town Cemetery, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Ashley Taylor
  • An Examination of Late 18th Century Forts: A Pennsylvania Typology. Katie Turner
  • Geophysical Investigations of the Walter L. Main Circus Train Accident in Tyrone, Pennsylvania. Michelle Cole, Daniel Sandrowicz, Katharine Craig, Kate Adam and Kirk Smith
  • Uncovering Native American/Colonial Relations on the Western Frontier During the French and Indian War Through a Comparative Study of Material Culture Remains. Timothy Carn
  • Geophysical Investigations Meters Deep: Examination of the Johnston Site (36IN002), Indiana County, Pennsylvania. Stephanie Showalter, Ashley Taylor, Katie Turner, Matt Howryla and Mark Durante
  • A Comparative Analysis of Local and Non-local Chert Usage at Two Late Prehistoric Sites in South Western Pennsylvania. Cory Palek
  • Brook Farm: A Ceramic Analysis of a Short Lived Utopia. Samantha Savory
  • Pennsylvania’s Shift from the Pleistocene to the Holocene: Using GIS models to examine cultural continuity between Paleoindian an Early Archaic Peoples. Matthew Howryla
  • An Experimental Approach to Fishing Net Replication. Kirk Smith
  • Dark Waters and Darker Artifacts: Using PXRF to Analyze Chert Provenance and Patina Formation in the Aucilla River, Northwest Florida. Adam Burke
  • Preservation Methods go High Tech through 3 D Scanning. Marion Smeltzer and Bev Chiarulli

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