IUP Faculty Recognized at Center for Teaching Excellence 2014 Awards Dinner

Posted on 5/6/2014 9:30:13 AM

To recognize and support outstanding faculty members and teaching associates, the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) offers awards that recognize teaching excellence and a commitment to our students. Many faculty were awarded for excellence in teaching at the CTE Faculty Recognition Awards Dinner, held at the Rustic Lodge on May 1, 2014. 

Teaching Circle Mini-Grants were awarded to:

  • Shijuan Liu, Foreign Languages; David Loomis, Journalism; Crystal Machado, Professional Studies in Education; Robert Sweeny, Art - Using Tablet Technology for Teaching and Learning at IUP
  • John Chrispell, Francisco Alarcon, Tim Flowers, Charles Lamb, Dan Radelet, Brian Sharp - Bamboo Productivity
  • Jan Baker, Tina Perdue, Chauna Craig, Caleb Finegan, Linda Jennings, Shari Robertson, Lisa Hammett Price, Bruce Novak, Dana Poole, Curtis Porter, Daniel Weinstein, Theresa McDevitt - Mindful Practices for the College Classroom: Search Inside Yourself Book Discussion Group Project
  • Wendy Elcesser, Anne Kondo, Colin Ashe, Lourdes Herold, Nate McElroy, Ronald See, Philip Palko - Software Purchase for Lecture Capture to Support Flipped Classrooms in General Chemistry 
  • Gian Pagnucci, Tanya Heflin, Todd Thompson, Dan Weinstein - Time Management Tools for Teachers
  • Joann Janosko, Theresa McDevitt, Sandy Janicki, Blaine Knupp, Carl Rahkonen, Karen Brown, Jin Pang, Chris Clouser, Harrison Wick, Carol Connell, Susan Drummond - Technology Exploration: Using iPads with Library Resources and Beyond

Faculty Recognition Awards ($500) were awarded to:

  • Laurel Black, English - Innovation Award
  • Dennis Giever, Criminology - Living-Learning Award
  • Christina Huhn and Leanne Lentz, Foreign Languages - Content Pedagogy Award
  • Shijuan “Laurel” Liu, Foreign Languages - Living-Learning Award
  •  Lilian Mina, English - Teaching Associate Award
  • Lora Ott, Nursing and Vida Irani, Biology - Content Pedagogy Award

Active and Active Plus certificates were awarded to 101 faculty members for their attendance at Reflective Practice Large Group meetings, Saturday workshops, and participation in Teaching Circles.

Center for Teaching Excellence