Adams Presents at IUP’s Inaugural REACH (Research, Education, and Advocacy for Community Health) Conference

Posted on 5/27/2014 1:37:46 PM

Professor Abigail Adams, Department of Anthropology, was a copresenter on a panel titled “Lived Experience of Trauma and the Real-world Impact of Violence Targeting Women, People with Disabilities, and the LGBTQI Community at Post-Secondary Institutions.”

Professor Adams presented a paper titled “Trans Inclusivity: Creating an Accepting Classroom for Gender Variant Students at Post-Secondary Institutions.” Adams discussed heteronormativity in the university setting as symbolic violence, and asked educators to consider the ways in which they can integrate gender diversity into their pedagogy in an effort to normalize queer sexuality and create an open and inclusive classroom.

Adams pointed out that this is an important time for post-secondary institutions to become accepting communities as Title IX has recently been expanded to include transgender students. The investigation into the rhetoric of transphobia is critical for educators because the phenomenon has the capability to produce real-world consequences. Queer students, and transgender students in particular, are vying for inclusion into a “state of belonging” on IUP’s campus and other campuses across the country.

Department of Anthropology